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Science Careers of Gypsy Sisters

When we speaking about Gypsy intellectuals in Russia, we must undoubtedly mention the sisters Natalia and Lubov Pankov. Natalia was a chemist and Lubov is a biologist. Both sisters had a very high degree of national consciousness and often used to say that they couldn’t let themselves do anything that might represent their people in a bad light.

During the WWII the Pankov sisters showed themselves as real patriots. Luba and Natasha were daughters of Nikolai Pankov (also an outstanding Rom, who is famous, for example, for his translation of Pushkin’s poem “Gypsies” into the Romani language). The girls’ father wanted them to receive higher education. But when Hitler’s Germany declared the war to the USSR, the sisters left their studies and began working at the Moscow armour plants. “It’s not the time for studies now,” the girls told their father. Working to the point of exhaustion, the Romani girls were making shells for rocket projectors.

They made up for it after the war and both graduated from the institutes. You can read their short biographies below.

Natalia Pankova (1924-1991). A Research Assistant at the Institute of Organic Subroducts and Dyes, where she worked for 35 years. Her professional career was successful. For example, she has authored 30 papers on advanced developments in cyanide dyes (she received inventor's certificates for them). Natalia had many talents: she sang and danced very well, painted with pencils and water-colours.

Lubov Pankova was born in 1925. She has a PhD in biology, in the field of human and animal physiology, and has been working mainly in the area of clinical physiology. She is a Senior Research Assistant of the physiological laboratory at the Central Institute of Expert Examination of Labour Capacity and Labour Organization for Disabled. Her research was focused on mechanisms of intercentral relations and their abnormalities and compensations.

Lubov also worked for the Soviet Academy of Science and a number of pedagogical institutes, where she gave lectures on human and animal physiology, higher neural functions and anatomic-physiological peculiarities of children and teenagers. Moreover, she authored and co-authored several research books on those subjects and more than 50 scientific papers, published mostly in the central press. Lubov Pankova has done a lot for preserving and recording the national history. Her memoirs are waiting for publication.

The sisters Pankov are representatives of an old famous Russian Gypsy dynasty that produced many outstanding Gypsies in the world.

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